VA ratify ERA Campaign

On January 9, 2019 Virginia opens its 400th consecutive General Assembly session with an historical opportunity to be the 38th state to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment.

The session will last just 45 days and during that time, Virginia’s House and Senate leadership are called upon to commit to equality by ensuring a path for the resolutions to the House and Senate floors.

In 2018 bipartisan support of a majority of Delegates and Senators was demonstrated by the lengthy lists of patrons for the Equal Rights Amendment resolutions. This year, with your help, we will succeed!

To ensure media attention, the campaign kicked off on Women’s Equality Day, August 26th, with Virginia legislators across the state celebrating the day the Nineteenth Amendment was added to the Constitution and the opportunity for Virginia to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. More information about the launch, including photos and movie/discussion resources, is available here!

With a strong launch the campaign’s focus from now until January is to keep building the buzz about the Equal Rights Amendment and to gather more patrons for the resolutions.

Simple ways you can support the effort:

As we do important advocacy and outreach, our approach should be:

  • Inclusive: The gender equity gap is most severe for women, particularly women of color. Boys and men are also impacted by the gender equity gap, whether they have employed mothers or are married to a woman who is underpaid. Ratification of the ERA will benefit EVERYONE.
  • Bipartisan: Success requires the support of Republican leadership. We need voters across the political spectrum to get involved and contact their lawmakers.
  • Single-issue: Keep ERA ratification front and center, separate from other issues you are working on. Do not wear or bring accessories or materials for other groups or issues when you work on the ERA.