Hold a Postcard Writing Party

Postcards are a quick, visual way to communicate effectively with lawmakers. A small gathering to write postcards and learn about the ERA provides an opportunity for people to get involved and reach their representatives.


  • Be timely: over the summer, write postcards to your elected representatives as well as House and Senate leadership at their district office addresses. Once the bills are introduced and committees assigned this fall, you can add relevant committee members to your list and reference the bill numbers. Once the General Assembly session starts, postcards should be sent to Richmond office addresses.
  • Personalize your message: thank representatives who have supported ERA legislation in the past for their votes. Craft persuasive messages to reach legislators who still need convincing to support Constitutional equality. Remind Republican leadership that the ERA was originally a Republican Personal stories and anecdotes are particularly effective, whether it’s your own personal story or a close friend’s.
  • Be disciplined in your messaging: the best way to build support for ratification is to keep communication positive, bipartisan, inclusive, and single-issue. Avoid conflating this with other issues you care about. Encourage legislators to support ERA ratification, rather than dwelling on past “no” votes.
  • Have fun: Serve light refreshments and leave time at the beginning and end for socializing.