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Sample Messaging

  • America in comparison to the world
    • The U.S. Constitution is the only major, written constitution in the WORLD that does not explicitly guarantee gender equality. 
    • 84% of worldwide constitutions explicitly guarantee gender equality and so should ours!
  • Nationwide perspective
    • Virginia’s ratification will impact the entire country; the 38th state to ratify satisfies the 3/4 of the states requirement of Article V of the Constitution.
    • 94% of Americans agree that the Constitution should guarantee equal rights regardless of gender.
    • 80% of Americans believe the Constitution already does guarantees equal rights regardless of gender.  IT DOES NOT!
  • Virginia perspective
    • Virginia added the Bill of Rights to our Constitution and can be the state to add gender equality, by ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment!
    • No matter who was asked (rural / urban, male / female, Republican / Democrat), Virginians strongly support (81%) Virginia’s ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment.
  • What would the Equal Rights Amendment do
    • The Equal Rights Amendment will create a permanent, uniform, and national standard for eliminating sex discrimination by government at all levels.
    • The Equal Rights Amendment will ensure gender discrimination receives the same level of judicial review as discrimination based on race, religion, and country of origin.


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