Law Symposium

A Place in History: Should Virginia Ratify the Equal Rights Amendment?

On November 9, 2018, the American Constitution Society at William & Mary Law School hosted a Law Symposium. Legal experts explored the legal questions posed by the Equal Rights Amendment proposal, including its necessity and remaining legislative obstacles. Resources from the symposium will be posted here.

  • Download the Symposium Program here

Video Clips

  • Inspirational words from Delegate Jennifer Carroll Foy. Click here to watch video clip.
  • Professor Wendy Murphy said the Constitution and public policy provide no basis for deadlines attached to Amendments. She said the deadline that accompanied the ERA is invalid. Click here to watch video clip.
  • Learning from the Illinois experience, Linda Coberly of Winston & Strawn LLP. Also on this panel: Kate Kelly and Professor Wendy Murphy, who also shared words of wisdom. Click here to watch video clip.