Path to Ratification

We are almost there!! The 38th state!!

To ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Virginia requires votes in both the House and the Senate. Here is a brief overview:

Path to Ratification.png

House: Will vote on SJ1 on Monday, Jan 27
Senate: Will vote on HJ1 on Monday, Jan 27

(archived video) Senate Privileges and Elections Committee Hearing – SJ1

(archived video) House Privileges and Elections Committee Hearing – HJ1

(archived video) Third reading, debate, and vote on the Senate floor – SJ1

(archived video) Debate  and vote on the House floor – HJ1

(archived video) <crossover> House Privileges and Elections Committee Hearing for SJ1

(archived video) <crossover> Senate Privileges and Elections Committee Hearing for HJ1



Can the ERA be moved to the 2nd chamber before cross-over (Feb 11)?
YES! We believe it will be ratified on Monday, January 27.

How much citizen testimony will be given in committee hearings?
It depends upon what the chair of the committee decides. During GA2019 testimony was limited to 3 people, 2 minutes apiece.

Are the three readings required to happen on three different days?
The constitution requires a bill/resolution be read on three different calendar days in the Senate unless 4/5 of the members vote to waive the readings. The House of Delegates can read / debate / vote a resolution all on the same day.

How can I get regular status updates on the ratification?
The best way to get updates is to join the newsletter and/or watch the social media accounts (@VAratifyERA on Facebook, IG, Twitter).

How can I watch the debates and votes?
There are two ways to watch the debates and votes: in person or online. Considering how popular this issue is in Virginia, if you plan to attend in person and want to assure yourself a seat in the gallery (versus the overflow rooms downstairs), you should get a reservation from your legislator. Food/drinks/talking are allowed in the overflow rooms.

Senate streaming site
House of Delegates streaming site (+ instructions page here)

We will update this page regularly until
Virginia ratifies the Equal Rights Amendment!