Make Some Noise!!

… because SJ 1 (ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment) is heading to a Senate debate and vote on Wednesday, January 15! 

ActionID phone banks are open seven days a week, 9 AM and 9 PM EST. Simply read the notes below and click the link to call voters in a Senate district.

This page is hosted on our website but cannot be found without the link. You are welcome to share it with like-minded friends or in a closed group of like-minded advocates, but please do not post it publicly. #NoTrolls

A few quick notes:

  1. You will need an actionID account to participate in our phone banks. OpenVPB accounts are free and when you click a phone bank link a browser tab will open and take you to where you can log on or open an account.
  2. Since the Senate is moving the most quickly, we will focus there until they have voted and then shift to Delegates.
  3. The VAratifyERA campaign sent out 2500 postcards to advocates around the state and asked them to start calling / e-mailing on January 8th. These phone banks are just an extra push for a couple of anti-equality Senators and one undecided.
  4. Every call is valuable, even if you do not speak with someone. Voicemail messages are usually received and flagging a wrong number helps with data cleanup.
  5. If you are calling from out of state and someone asks why you are calling Virginia voters we recommend an answer along these lines, “I am a pay equity / gender equality advocate and I want to help Virginia make history.” You could also mention that the Equal Rights Amendment impacts the entire nation.
  6. The phone bank will open in a new tab. If you have any problems or if the connection glitches please close the tab, come back to this page, and relaunch.
    Note: If the link below takes you to the OpenVPB page and you are asked for a code (versus taking you directly to a phone banking script), either the phone bank was completed and the link has not yet been archived or you are not calling between 9 AM and 9 PM. 
  7. Please keep our FAQ link open in a third tab in case someone has a question so you can easily answer it. If a caller wants to spin the conversation in directions that are not supportive of the ERA simply thank them for their time and disengage.
  8. Have fun!

District 26 – Senator Mark Obenshain – voted NO in 2019

District 7 – Senator Jen Kiggans (link coming soon) – never voted on ERA / vote unknown