During the 2018 General Assembly many children were involved in the campaign to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment. Many kids were busy lobbying legislators, showing up at committee hearings, and two were even involved in the  “Not One More GenERAtion” billboard campaign.


The equality advocate pictured on the billboard, Eastan Weber, has been an “equal pay kid” long before she got involved in the VAratifyERA campaign. When State Street placed the “Fearless Girl” statue on Wall Street to encourage companies to place more women on Boards of Directors (because it is good for shareholder value!!!), Eastan and her mama planned a pilgrimage / photo shoot. They spoke with the artist and Eastan curated an outfit that matched that of the statue, even down to the shoes!

The photo of Eastan went viral and was an online hit. A picture of her mom taking the picture even went viral. Fast forward a few months and the next thing you know, our very talented graphic designer, Rachel Iga, was photo shopping Eastan’s elbow and putting her in front of the Constitution in a way that the lettering mimicked the ponytails on the statue.

On Women’s Equality Day Carol Jenkins of the ERA Coalition sat down with Eastan so she could tell her story and invite other kids to join the movement. Soon we will kick off a campaign to broaden the visual imagery of Virginian’s standing in front of the Constitution with “Not One More GenERAtion.” Stay tuned!