Equality Legislation – 2020

Updated as of February 18 (check the links below to Legislative Information Services (LIS) for the most recent information)

Bills Presented (summary sheets from summit here):

SB50Virginia Human Rights Act; racial discrimination, hair. (Senator Lionell Spruill, Sr, chief patron)
Update: Passed Senate 40Y-0N; will be heard Wed. 2/18 PM in House General Laws Committee

SB76Protective orders; possession of firearms, penalty. (Senator Janet Howell, chief patron)
Update: “Killed” by patron in favor of SB479; SB479 passed the Senate 23Y-17N; referred to House Public Safety Committee.
Corresponding House bill is
HB1004; HB1004 passed the House 58Y-42N; referred to Senate Judiciary Committee.

HB8Disorderly conduct in public places; school activities. (Delegate Jeff Bourne) 
Update: Incorporated into HB256; Passed House 61Y-37N; Passed Senate 40Y-0N. HB256 is expected to be signed into law by Governor Northam and will take effect on July 1.
Corresponding Senate bill is SB3; passed Senate 39Y-0N; SB3 is waiting for floor vote in the House.

HB286Grand larceny; increases threshold amount. (Delegate Cliff Hayes, chief patron)
Update: Left in committee but HB995 is similar but with a $1,000 target; HB 995 passed House 58Y-40N-1A; passed Senate 24Y-14N. HB995 is expected to be signed into law by Governor Northam and will take effect on July 1.

SB231HB405Menstrual equity bills (Senator Jennifer Boysko / Delegate Mark Keam, chief patrons)
Update: SB231 passed Senate 40Y-0N; will be heard Wed. 2/18 PM in House Appropriations. HB405 passed House 60Y-39N; passed the Senate 39Y-1N. HB405 is expected to be signed into law by Governor Northam and will take effect on July 1.
Corresponding bills are HB469 (matches with SB231) and SB232 (matches with HB405); HB469 was killed; SB232 passed Senate 40Y-0N and the floor vote in the House is pending.

HB652Admission to bail; presumption of release on recognizance (Delegate Suhas Subramanyam, chief patron)
Update: HB652 was killed. We expect this bill to be taken up again in 2021 but are disappointed this means another year of the status quo.

HB338Virginia Minimum Wage Act; removes exemption for persons employed in domestic service, etc. (Delegate Cia Price, chief patron)
Update: HB338 was killed. A related bill, SB804 passed the Senate 40Y-0N; will be heard on Tues. 2/25 in the House Labor & Commerce Subcommittee #1.

Honorable mentions

Requires Virginia’s Dept of Education establish procedures for discrimination complaints, including Title IX complaints

Update: Subcommittee recommended striking from docket.

Requires medical providers to complete a pre-/post-natal depression screening training program
Update: Passed House 100Y-0N; referred to Senate Health Subcommittee.

HB416: Prohibits an employer from requesting current/previous salary information
Update: Passed House 58Y-41N; referred to Senate Commerce and Labor.

HB475: Establishes a Virginia sexual assault forensic coordinator program
Update: Passed House uncontested; passed Senate Judiciary Committee 15Y-0N; Senate floor vote is pending.

HJ114: Change Virginia state code (and constitution?) to gender neutral language
Update: Subcommittee recommended laying on the table.

SB203: Establishes the redistricting commission
Update: Passed Senate 20Y-20N; referred to House Privileges & Elections Committee.

SB868: Nondiscrimination for housing/work/employment for LGBTQ+
Update: Passed Senate 30Y-9N; passed House Laws 15Y-9N; House floor vote is pending.


Thank you to each of the following groups for recommending legislation for the summit: 

  • American Association of University Women of Virginia
  • American Civil Liberties Union of Virginia
  • Equality Virginia
  • Feminist Majority
  • National Organization for Women-VA
  • Poor People’s Campaign of Virginia
  • Virginia Sexual and Domestic Violence Action Alliance
  • Virginia Social Action Task Force of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc.

Choosing only 8 pieces of legislation was a difficult task with SO many great options. The team working on the summit chose from legislation / wording that was available to them (from the LIS or drafted wording submitted by a participating group) at noon on Friday, January 3rd.