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The September schedule is NOW OPEN
for anyone ready to instigate some fun!
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Since September is “back to school” month we’ll focus on many of the colleges and universities around the state, most of which we visited last November with our educational “10 Days of ERA” bus tour. To get this show on the road, we need Instigators!

Instigators are the prime motivators / daily coordinators / originators responsible for days of fun on the #iScream4Equality tour.

Instigators can plan either to ride in the #iScream4Equality vehicle on their chosen day or may prefer to be the wizard behind the curtain and coordinate with the day’s co-pilot. We love our introverts who want to help organize and then stay home; there is a spot in this campaign for everyone!

Volunteer sign-ups for the rest of the team will be opened once an instigator has claimed the day and the VAratifyERA team has coordinated with the instigator. Here are the other roles for a full team:

Researcher / Planner: Without a plan, where are we going? This could be a local yokel with an idea for the day or an out-of-towner comfortable researching / forming a plan / asking questions.
** can be the instigator ** may join for the day or prefer to stay home **

Driver: We won’t get very far without a driver! A driver will be provided by the project team. The driver will load up the truck / refuel as necessary, eat #iScream, go where they are told by their site coordinator, obey all traffic signals, and keep the precious cargo safe.

Co-Pilot: Which way did they go? Job #1 for this person is to maintain the calm while #iScreaming and always know the plan. The co-pilot will work with the researcher / planner (or may be the researcher / planner), ride shotgun, and will navigate for the driver. The co-pilot will feed the driver #iScream as necessary and may eat #iScream while the vehicle is stopped. The co-pilot is also responsible for directions, parking, and will plan quick getaways just in case. The co-pilot will also “keep the clock” so each trip stays on schedule.
** can be the instigator and/or researcher / planner ** must be present that day **

THE TEAM – the more friends you have along the more fun it will be!!
Gratifiers: Distribute #iScream / napkins / stickers
Ratifiers: Distribute literature; answer questions
Quantifiers: Take pics / upload pics / post on social media
Satisfiers: Help constituents satisfy their desire for #iScream4Equality / VAratifyERA / EME bling 

Our #iScream4Equality volunteers will likely do a little bit of everything, because that’s how things usually roll around here. The CEO is also the janitor — no apologies and no excuses; we’re all equal here!

In exchange for your love and devotion to equality and the #iScream4Equality tour all volunteers will receive a t-shirt the day they volunteer. These are limited edition and the ONLY way to get one is to volunteer. You’ll be asked your size when you sign up for the day.

We expect there will be some days (particularly on the weekends) that the #iScream4Equality vehicle is FULL. There may be other days with fewer volunteers. As with last year’s bus tour, some days will be a mob scene and other days will be more quiet. The tour’s pace will ebb and flow around the state. From the menu board, there are three choices for a day out in the #iScream4Equality vehicle:

Single scoop (just a driver day): If nobody instigates the fun for a day or something happens and the team cannot make it, the #iScream4Equality van will act as a movable billboard and cruise the areas for the day; no / minimal #iScream and bling to be given out ** Just like when you were a kid asking to order a double / triple scoop, this is the least desirable plan for a day. However, never underestimate the impact of a movable billboard, so it’s still worth doing! **

Double scoop (two volunteers)The driver and co-pilot can maneuver the areas for the day as a movable billboard; #iScream can be given out at unplanned / random stops in public spaces (library, DMV, post office, etc.) and/or a small number of planned stops (with few participants so nobody is overwhelmed).

Three scoops+ (three+ volunteers): Meeting the minimum number of volunteers the day’s coordinator can plan the day in whatever way they like. It could be a day of cruising with unplanned / random stops in public spaces (library, DMV, post office, etc.) or it could be a more structured day with 1-3 stops mixed in with some cruising. No matter what, it’ll be a blast!

Our goal is to have EVERY day be a three scoop+ day, but we also realize there are limitations to 100% volunteer efforts! So we will all come together to make this tour whatever it is meant to be. We know it will be FANTASTIC!

September tour overview and volunteer signup!
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**Reminder: VAratifyERA is a nonpartisan campaign and the #iScream4Equality tour is an education / outreach effort. If you are involved in a nonpartisan organization, please be assured all literature and talking points will meet 501(c)(3) requirements for education and nonpartisanship. VAratifyERA does not / cannot coordinate with candidates and all literature stating a candidate’s position on ERA must be confirmable by publicly available information. If a volunteer desires to be partisan in voter education / outreach, we encourage you to engage directly with an equality candidate’s campaign.