Holiday Cards

From Thanksgiving through New Year’s the VAratifyERA campaign is hosting a virtual holiday post carding party! You can send a postcard or insert an ERA holiday postcard into your own holiday mailing. Postcards are available while supplies last.  Please contact us to request them.

Join us with the VAratifyERA equality two step:

STEP ONE: Send two happy holiday postcards (or call):
one to your Virginia Senator
a second to your Virginia Delegate

(to find your elected officials input your voting address on this link – after you look up your address, your state senator/delegate will be listed in the two boxes furthest to the left of the search results)

STEP TWO: Send postcards (or call) to friends in Virginia to encourage them to spread the word / get engaged

Please do NOT send cards to anyone other than your own two legislators. Unless the cards are from a constituents (and the constituent name + address is on the card for verification) they will toss them. The cards, your handwriting, and the stamp are too valuable to waste!

If you live outside of Virginia, join us with step two and let any family / friends in Virginia know you are working to ensure constitutional gender equality and that we need all hands on deck to make this happen!

What to write on the postcard:

STEP ONE: When writing to your elected officials we encourage you to identify yourself as a constituent (please include your name + address for their verification) and encourage him/her to support Virginia’s ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment and ensure it receives a vote by the full House and the full Senate. ALL Virginians should be represented in this historical vote, not just those in a couple of key leadership districts.

Please support gender equality in the U.S. Constitution. A bipartisan majority in both Virginia’s House and Senate were co-patrons of the Equal Rights Amendment during the 2018 and 2019 sessions. Virginia can and should be the 38th state to ratify. Let’s make history!

STEP TWO: When writing to your friends let them know you support constitutional gender equality and encourage them to sign the petition and learn more at Have them call you with any questions and ask them to write their state elected officials. Write your friends in every corner of the state!

Have you heard that Virginia could be the 38th state (last one needed) to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment? If you think gender equality should be added to the Constitution, write/call your state delegate and senator. Sign the petition and opt in for the newsletter if you want to know more!

Print your own / go digital!

If you prefer to put this out and about in social media (or just want to print your own), electronic versions of the holiday cards are available below!