Details on what’s planned during General Assembly

Equal Rights Amendment Vigil

Wednesday 2/20 – Thursday 2/21
Capitol’s Bank Street Entrance at 1000 Bank Street
Join ERA supporters at the Virginia Capitol to stand in observance from 3pm Wednesday to 12pm Thursday to highlight gender inequality in America, and obstruction of democracy by House Republicans who are blocking an historic attempt to ratify the ERA.Throughout the night, sentinels will read statements from supporters, highlight issues of gender inequality, and recite poetry and prose from notable American women. Anyone interested in showing solidarity can either contact their delegate to voice support (find yours here: or show-up at the Capitol’s Bank Street Entrance at 1000 Bank Street. #VAratifyERA

More information on the facebook event:

Daily – Silent Sentinels 

10:45: VAratifyERA will stand Silent Sentinel daily inside the Capitol beginning at 10:45 every morning. Depending upon the number of people present this will be done near the entrance or up near the caucus meeting rooms.

~11:15-11:40: Head up to the gallery and be introduced as “advocates for ERA” when session starts (usually noon but Fridays are early).

Lunch: Don’t forget self-care during this busy session! Luxuries like eating and drinking!

Afternoons: For anyone able / willing to stick around longer we have literature that can be dropped and key delegates to lobby. 

We have changed the sign up sheets to reflect this new schedule. To sign up please go to

Legislative Calendar

  • February 5 – each house to complete work on its own legislation except the Budget (Crossover Day)
  • February 6 starting today, each house may consider only legislation and amendments of the other house, except the Budget Bill
  • February 23 – Session adjourned

Find the full session calendar here.

Scheduling Your Visit