Grassroots campaigns need grassroots funding!

Our campaign is 100% volunteer driven so all funding covers campaign materials and activities for education and outreach. Many materials paid for by the campaign are used for citizen lobbying efforts (postcards, pamphlets, fact sheets) but no money is spent on professional lobbyists.

To help fund the campaign you could do one of many things:

  • ANYWHERE – Host a virtual fundraiser online — click here for 14 fabulous ideas
  • IN VIRGINIA – TABLING/BLING: We’ve got tabling kits that are perfect for you to set up a table (farmer’s market? fall festival?) to provide information about the Equal Rights Amendment and sell campaign bling. Please contact Cheralyn Potts
  • IN VIRGINIA – CANVASSING/BLING: We’ve got canvassing kits available! Handouts, freebies, and a little bling to sell. This is perfect for walking around at festivals, hanging out at a public space like a post office / library / DMV, or walking through your neighborhood, especially if you are in a key district. Please contact Cheralyn Potts at
  • IN VIRGINIA – Host a campaign speaker in your home (speaker request form is here) and gather donations from participants
  • ANYWHERE – Have a bake sale (kidding / not kidding)
  • ANYWHERE – Host an event at a local venue
  • ANYWHERE – Solicit donations (we can provide bling as a donor gift)

Creativity makes our world a more beautiful place so please take the above suggestions just as a starting point. We are happy to receive proceeds from any sort of nonpartisan, supportive event you create.