Restore Democracy in Virginia

It’s 2019 and instead of celebrating women’s equality we see the rise of a tyrant, King Gilbert.

King Gilbert rules his chamber with an iron fist. He does not allow his Republican caucus to vote their conscience or for their constituents but instead demands they do what he says.

With threats of cutting off campaign funding or removing leadership positions he forces every Republican to scrape and bow before him.

ALL Virginians, regardless of party affiliation, should be concerned when one man is calling the shots for an entire caucus. Especially when he is more concerned about the so-called “Family Foundation” and their extremist agenda of lies/mischaracterizations instead of constituents in his district (much less all of Virginia).

To break his stranglehold on the House of Delegates, Delegates Ayala and Simon have introduced rules changes (HR 274 – Ayala and HR 280 – Simon) to allow a simple majority (50 of 99 delegates) to bring the Equal Rights Amendment to the House floor. An explanation of the rules changes can be found here.

Take action today. Call your state delegate (look him/her up here) and demand (s)he restore democracy to Virginia by voting YES on HR 274 and 280 (to bring ERA to the floor) and NO on King Gilbert’s obstruction (HR 279).