Companies With Sway for ERA

Let Speaker Cox’s top donors know that you expect them to support the democratic process and Constitutional gender equality. Call their investor relations and media contacts, tweet them, comment on their Facebook pages. If you are an employee, let your coworkers know what is going on, and together write a letter to your management. If you are a shareholder, use that power to elevate this issue.

The following list of donors includes a few of the most name-recognized companies that support Speaker Cox. A full list of his donors is available via VPAP.

Highlighted Top Donors*

  • Dominion Energy
  • Altria
  • Verizon
  • Genworth Financial
  • Medical Society of Virginia

Contact Information

We are hard at work updating this section with contact information and social media accounts for the priority contacts. Bear with us.


Virginia media and community relations managers:

  • Bonita Harris – Eastern Virginia, North Carolina
  • Chuck Penn – Northern Virginia
  • Samantha Moore – Piedmont & Shenandoah Valley

Investor relations:
Twitter: @DominionEnergy
Facebook: @dominionenergyva
Instagram: @dominionenergy


Investor relations: 804-484-8222 or email
Twitter: @altrianews

*VPAP. Report for 2017-2019, All Receipts. Accessed on 1/25/2019. We have highlighted a few of the most name-recognized companies.