Business Insider Article – June, 2018

In June of 2018 an article titled “Women Do Not Need the Equal Rights Amendment” was published in Business Insider magazine. Given that the picture published with the article was from 1979 and of ERA opponents, the article was obviously not intended to be balanced journalism.

Here is our general response to the misinformation positioned as fact in the BI article:

Tellingly, Ms. Greenbaum acknowledges that, without the Equal Rights Amendment, statutes may be repealed and court decisions reversed. She offers no counterargument to this but drops in the puzzling conclusion that an amendment to the United States constitution would add only “another layer” to statutory or court-made protections.  

The Equal Rights Amendment is not simply “another layer” on the shifting legal landscape. Its inclusion in the Constitution will both reflect American values and establish important guidance for our legislatures and courts.  

Legislatures will no longer be able to rely on the broad-brush sex classifications to enact policies. Instead, our representatives will have to narrowly tailor legislation to serve public needs. The Equal Rights Amendment will lay the foundation for assuring that each person, regardless of sex, will be able to fulfill their talents and best serve our communities and country. 

In other writings, Ms. Greenbaum has purported to favor merit-based advancement. Oddly, this time around she advocates blocking an amendment that would weaken an entrenched system of rewards based in part on sex, sometimes tilting in favor of men and other times tilting in favor of women.  

By harkening back to the arguments of the 1970s about the draft, alimony, and child custody, Ms. Greenbaum shows her preference for sexism over what is in the best interest, respectively, of our national defense, equity, and the needs of children. If we take sex out of the calculation, who is drafted, who pays alimony, and who has custody of children will be determined on the merits. The resulting system is not only fairer but also more efficient.