Would the wording “equality of rights under the law” force women to be drafted?

  • Women are already eligible to be drafted and were nearly drafted in the last couple of days of WWII, as nurses. Source: http://www.historynet.com/drafting-women.htm
  • Requiring both men and women to register for the draft is not dependent on passage of the Equal Rights Amendment. Already, in October 2017, the Pentagon recommended that women should register with the selective service.
    Source: http://thehill.com/policy/defense/357055-pentagon-recommends-requiring-women-to-register-for-the-draft
  • Regardless of ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment, a reinstated draft likely will include everyone, not just men. Conscripting only men into our military force, currently comprised of both male and female volunteers, would be unreasonable and antithetical to defense needs and morale. Women have proven their worth in our modern military and in a time of war, if a draft were necessary, our military would want the very best our country has to offer, which would include women.