Constitutional Convention

“Don’t worry about the Equal Rights Amendment since we are working on a constitutional convention!”

  • Article V of the Constitution outlines two ways for a constitutional amendment to be sent to the states: by 2/3 vote in Congress or a constitutional convention called by 2/3 of the states. Amendments passed at a constitutional convention require the same ratification process by three-fourths of the states as a congressional amendment.
  • To call for a constitutional convention 34 states (2/3 of 50) must agree to agenda items. Currently 12 states have passed legislation to call for a constitutional convention and the agenda items would: require a balanced budget, impose fiscal restraints, set term limits, or require single subject legislation.  None of these appear to seek constitutional gender equality.
  • Since the Equal Rights Amendment has already been submitted to the states for ratification, and is just one state shy of achieving approval by three-fourths of the states, there is no reason to encourage or cause a delay in constitutional gender equality.