In preparation for the campaign launch we found many interesting resources about the movie and the historical events portrayed. Enjoy!

History – Primary Resources:

April, 1913 copy of “The Crisis,” a journal printed by the NAACP

Richmond Times-Dispatch article: “Colored Women in Suffrage Parade,” March 2, 1913

Woman’s Journal and Suffrage News article: “Parade Struggles to Victory Despite Disgraceful Scenes,” March 8, 1913,_1913.jpg

History – Secondary Resources:

Washington Post article: “The Day the Deltas Marched Into History,” March 1, 2013

LA Times article: “In 1917, the ‘Night of Terror’ at a Virginia Prison changed history. Now it’s a site of beauty,” November 12, 2017

Movie Resources:

The official “Iron Jawed Angels” website

Curriculum / guide (fabulous!)

Student projects / blogs

Memorializing Women in Virginia:

Turning Point Suffragist Memorial, Occoquan, Virginia

Women’s Monument Memorial Plaza, Richmond, Virginia